Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Benefits of Biking: Easy Commutes, Improved Health, and More

Have you been thinking of investing in a new bike? Or maybe you would like to fix up the old one in your garage and give it a spin? Excellent. Biking is a great hobby that is sure to help you feel great, physically and mentally, and if you use it in your commute, it does the environment a favor, too.

Learn more about the benefits of biking today, and remember to visit your favorite bike shops to find the right parts for your needs. Finding the right bike frame, toe clips, and more will guarantee a better ride every time.

Your Body Will Thank You

Cycling is a great way to work out, without putting too much strain on your muscles. You can easily lose weight, improve strength, and keep your metabolism going, all while exploring new trails and taking in great sights.

Sick of your daily work out? One study done in 2017 revealed that by biking to work every day, instead of driving your car, you could burn as much fat as you would working out at the gym for 40 minutes five days a week.

Along with working out almost all of your muscle groups at once, riding a bike will also decrease your chances of experiencing various diseases, and it improves heart health, as well. Your risk of strokes, heart attacks, depression, diabetes, and some cancers will decrease significantly.

Finally, cycling has been known to help people live longer. Glenn Stewart at Brunel University did research on this very assumption and discovered that the risk of premature mortality could be reduced by 30% for those that make biking a part of their regular routine. Along with this, your chances of experiencing cardiorespiratory disease will lower, too.

Environmental Impacts

Now, there is no doubt that cars pump a lot of hazardous fumes into our air. Traveling by bike, instead, can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air significantly. Consider Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin. If just 20% of short car trips there were done with bicycles instead, we could stop over 57,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering our air.

Along with this, 238 million gallons of gas every year are saved by bicycle riders and, when it comes to energy and resources, we create 100 bicycles for every one car. If you are looking to improve your carbon footprint, cycling is definitely a great way to do it.

Visit Bike Shops Today to Find the Right Parts for Your Needs

Now, getting the most from your ride means visiting some bike shops to find the perfect parts for your unique riding style. A faulty seat, for example, could leave you hurting, and you need to establish a good form to get the most from your biking experience.

A reputable bicycle shop, like Ben’s Cycle, will have everything you need. From bike chains to bottom brackets to wheel builders and more, we can set you up right every single time. Visit us today, so you can get biking.

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