Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Christopher "Bainesworth" Baines was the MBC Pologuard winner as MVP at this year's Los Marcos Mayhem in NYC. From what we have seen and heard the Los Marcos Crew put on one hell of a weekend.

Here's what one of the masked luchadores had to say...

"We gave away the pologuard to Christopher “Bainesworth” Baines from Richmond, VA as an MVP prize. The MVP at LOS MARCOS is the one who upholds the essense of LOS MARCOS in the most sincere and notable ways all weekend long. Baines tattooed himself, pulled a lot of shenanigans, and bribed the crap out of us for three straight days. Not to mention he’s a great polo player and fun guy to be around. Getting Los Marcos Tattooed on yourself FOR LIFE is almost ground enough for MVP status..... I mean seriously. I’m still kinda stunned by that."

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