Monday, December 13, 2010

MBC Bruiser - Winter Commuter

Winter in our part of the country can get quite debilitating. It's been hoovering around zero degrees here in Milwaukee and last night was a particularly brutal ride home. Still, I don't second guess riding into work. I guess since I've been doing it everyday for the last 6 years, it will always be a natural and enjoyable part of my day. Well, here at Ben's, we encourage you to also enjoy riding through these winter days. So we introduce to you the Bruiser Winter Commuter Build!

Built with the intention of blasting through snow and ice while keeping you comfortable and in control. Armed with Nokian Hakkapeliita 700x35c tires and strong Alex G6000/Formula wheelsets, you'll slice through all conditions with ease and less fear of slipping. Our Bruiser can take the abuse from jumps and staircases; it can also take on winter storms!

Here's Steve's personal bike!

***Fellow Ben's employee Mike was doored yesterday on his way to work. He's pretty banged up (broken rib etc) but fortunately he had his helmet on and is able to walk around. Just a reminder whether you drive or careful out there. We all wish you a speedy recovery Mike!***


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