Monday, December 6, 2010

YESS Bottom Bracket Tensioner

I found the YESS ETR/B tensioner through a fellow mechanic and thought it was a pretty cool idea for a tensioner. I know this has been applied to downhill bikes for years, but this one in particular works as a single speed tensioner. Here, Sean, a MKE bike polo slayer, uses it as a dual gear system; one for polo and the other for commuting. More info here.

I can go into the logistics of this set up but just by looking at it, but you get the point. The tension on the spring is pretty strong and you wouldn't have to use any tools to change the gear. He says it works fantastic! Again, like all bike products, this may not work with certain set ups. However, with the right ratios, parts, and adjustments, this could work flawless. Thanks Sean!


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