Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cyclocross Clinic for Beginners!

Never raced cyclocross before? Never experienced the fun and excitement?

Learn how and join the fun. Ben's Cycles is teaming up with the my wife inc cyclocross team to host an informal Learn to Race Cyclocross clinic August 24 from 9-1 at the nearby Kosciuszko Park on Lincoln Avenue.

Cyclocross is a crazy kind of race that is primarily on grass, mud, and sand where cyclists get off their bikes to run over barriers and up hills. It's a fun scene with lots of cheering and goofy behavior.

It's also a safe way to race your bike and challenge yourself. It's the cycling version of a Tough Mudder or Gladiator run. And if you do happen to fall down off your bike, it's almost always on the ground or in sand or mud! Here are a series of videos from VeloNews to get an idea of what cross is all about. Notice the crowds and craziness!

This clinic is for beginning racers who want to learn how to race cross this fall in Wisconsin.

Anyone can join us: women, children, men of all ages and abilities. We will focus mostly just on dismounting and remounting your bike, cornering, then practicing on a short course.

The clinic is free. The my wife inc cyclocross team will accept donations to sponsor their junior Ian Haupt's travel expenses to races this year.

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