Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get Your Bike Fit Dialed In at Ben's Cycles

A good bike fit will make a good bike feel great and turn an awesome bike into one that makes you  feel you could ride at the Tour!

Fortunately, at Ben's, we have some of the best fit experts anywhere. Brett M. will work with you - your feet, your posture, your muscular and skeletal systems - and get you totally dialed into the right fit on your bike.

Brett and Steve use the Specialized Body Geometry Fit, as well as years of experience and lots of training at the Specialized factory in California.

And a good fit means a faster, more comfortable ride!

This is from Outside Magazine in an article discussing the most common cyclists' mistakes, including not getting a good bike fit from someone who knows what is going on!


Fitting your bike to your body
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Photo: Alan Daniels
There is no reasonable argument for paying $3,000-plus for a road bike but not a couple hundred bucks to have it fit perfectly to your body and riding style. In the past few years, bike brands have invested heavily in fit technology that precisely records your ideal position and then compares it with a database of bikes and components to suggest the best combination. The result: you’re faster (a fit can boost power output by 10 percent) and more comfortable.
How to Fit Your Bike to Your Body
Tron-style fit bikes like the Retül Müve Dynamic and the Guru Experience allow assessment and adjustment of every measurement without the rider ever having to dismount.
2. Video is displayed as you pedal, and fitters can compare footage of different fits. In some systems, bikes are set on a 360-degree turntable. Others, like 3D Bike Fit, add a second camera.
3. The Retül harness attaches sensors to your flex points that transmit fit angles to a computer to capture static positions and patterns, like how your knee tracks through a pedal stroke.
4. Power meters test how a position affects rider output. Small tweaks can make a significant difference.
5. Your contact points with the bike matter most. Many fitters offer custom footbeds and pedals with varying spindle widths. The Specialized Body Geometry sit-bone tool measures hip width, so you can choose the ideal saddle.
Retül: Get fit on the Müve Dynamic at one of 280 U.S. sites. From $300.
Guru: Some 60 retailers run the Experience system. From $100.
3D Bike Fit: This San Francisco shop ­offers the greatest number of custom options. From $195.
Specialized Body Geometry Fit: The largest selection of components and some 200 fit centers. From $250.

You buy online, adjust your saddle height by feel, and wonder why your back hurts, knees ache, and nether regions are covered in golf-ball-sized saddle sores (yes, it happens). While bike fitting still remains a mix of science, art, and trial by error, a quality fit will prevent some of the most common injuries and concerns riders face.
The Fix: Ask around, and find a reputable fitter in your area, says Mayhew. But opt out of any spin-scan analysis. While countless coaches and fitters extol the virtues of pedaling in circles, some of the sport’s top athletes have the least circular pedal strokes when they’re really putting out the power. Instead, ask to focus on comfort and aerodynamics—the power will come.
A good fitter will also help you swap out the components on your contact points—hands, feet, bottom—to maximize comfort and performance, so test out a variety of saddles before you give up on your bike.

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