Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cyclocross Bike Cleaning and Tune-Up

It's fall, and that means it's cyclocross season!

The Wisconsin Cycling Association's season has begun. The second race of the series, in Lake Geneva, was a cold, wet, and muddy race!

So Ben's is offering a special deal for cross racers throughout the fall: Bring in your cross bike (hopefully you've removed the big mud chunks!). We'll clean it, lube it, remove the bottom bracket to clean and re-lube, adjust brakes and gears and get it back to you in two days.

All of this for $40!

The worst thing you can do to your cross bike is let it sit muddy and neglected after a hard race. You cleaned up and showered: your bike should get the same treatment.

Spending $40 to get your bike cleaned and lubed is a lot cheaper than replacing parts when the dirt and grit build up in the drivetrain and any moving parts.

Call the shop for details!

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