Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ben's Offers Shimano Wheel Demos

When Shimano introduced its 2014 product line, much of the buzz came from its re-designed wheels. Now Ben's Cycle customers can find out what the buzz is all about. 

You can come into the shop and borrow a set of Shimano wheels to try out. We have the Dura-Ace C24 and C35 wheels, along with the RS81 and Ultegra models. 

Each of these wheels have aluminum rims reinforced with a carbon laminate. The laminate, built up around the spoke holes, creates such a stiff rim that a spoke can break and the rim will stay straight, according to Shimano.

Shimano wheels are all hand built with their own spokes and rims. These are 11-speed compatible. The rims are wider than in the past at 20.8mm.

While Shimano wheels have always been noted for their durability, these rims are also light. The Dura-Ace set comes in at 1425g for the pair.

Plus the RS81 models at 1700g for the set are still reasonably light while designed for every day racing and training durability. 

There is no weight limit for riders using these whees. So Clydesdales of any size are going to love these hoops. 

All of the hubs are redesigned and all spokes have exactly the same tension, providing a stronger, more consistent ride.

All Shimano hubs have cup and cone bearings which distribute the load more evenly than cartridge bearings when cornering, providing a more consistent ride.

Customers can come into Ben's and try out the Dura Ace C24 or C35, the Ultegra, or RS 81 wheelsets. Talk with Vince or Brett.

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