Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mr. Zielinski Rides to City Hall

For the first time, Tony Zielinski, Milwaukee alderman for the Bay View neighborhood, rode to City Hall today on his bike.

It was chilly and rainy, and those who rode with him wore rain jackets, long shorts, and gloves.

But Zielinski showed up ready for the commute with shorts, a cut-off t-shirt, and a string bag on his back. He also wore a reflective vest and helmet for safety.

Ben's Cycle helped Zielinski choose a bike, helmet, and vest. The shop is running an in-store special this week of 20 percent off all helmets and lights.

Zielinski sponsored and won approval for a bill  in City Council this spring creating the Milwaukee Bike Safety Awareness Week.

Jeff Polenske, City Engineer for Milwaukee, and Jake Newborn of the Wisconsin Bike Federation joined Zielinski on the ride along with several Bay View residents.

Active Pursuit blogger Tom Held also joined the ride and wrote up his experience.

WISN Television ran a story with Polenske about bike safety and classes offered for city residents.

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