Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't Tell the Boss: First Look at Fugitive

So the prototype for the Fugitive, Milwaukee Bicycle Company's new gravel bike arrived at the shop yesterday to be built up and tested.

And maybe the boss told me not to take any photos yet. 

But maybe I got too excited about the bike, and maybe walked by when he wasn't around and took a couple of pictures of the Fugitive.

Maybe I was dreaming about long rides on rough roads in comfort with the steel fork, longer chain stays, raised bottom bracket, and disc brakes.

But if the boss sees this post, I'm going to ask forgiveness rather than permission. 

The Fugitive will be worth it.  


Anthony James said...

Nice looking bike. For gravel I would look at using a 36/50 gearing to cover a bit more than cross racing. I would love to test drive for Vince.

Anonymous said...


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