Friday, June 6, 2014

A Cyclocross Bike Gets Customized

Addie, a Ben's customer, came in to Ben's looking for a bike to do long rides with her husband.  She wanted to get on the Glacial-Drumlin trail, do the Door County Century, and do long, leisurely rides.

"My husband bought me a hybrid five years ago," she said. "But it was too heavy and that grandma seat just wasn't comfortable."

We suggested she try out the Milwaukee Bicycle Company cyclocross bike. A lot of our customers have been customizing the bike and using it for touring.

"It reminds me of the comfort of riding a bike as a kid," she said while getting an initial fit from professional fit guru Brett Meinke.

Addie said she appreciated being able to customize the bike as well as getting a fit from Brett. She said she was glad as well to buy a product made in Wisconsin.

Even though she already has a carbon-fiber road bike, she said the weight difference was minimal.

Addie is scheduled to return for a final fit with Brett where he will trim the steer tube, adjust the saddle position, and change out the stem.

Addie's Milwaukee Bicycle Company cyclocross bike. Steel beauty. 

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