Monday, June 16, 2014

Specialized Crafts New Aero Helmet

Several Specialized-sponsored pro teams are sporting a new model of its aero helmet, the TT4, a slimmer, shorter version of the TT3. The helmet comes out of the company's "aero is everything" research.

Image from RoadBike Review
Specialized says it saves 30-40 watts of power and weighs 340 grams. It also has new side vents for to keep your head cooler.

The biggest change is a much smaller shape than aero helmets in the past. The smaller shape helps keep air disruption lower when you turn your head for any reason. It's difficult to maintain a completely straight head position over the course of any time trial or triathlon. Any time you turn your head sideways at all while wearing a traditional tear-drop aero helmet, the helmet disrupts more air and slows you down.

The helmet has two adjustable straps inside to create a perfect fit.

The people at the Global Cycling Network previewed the helmet in this video while the members of the Omega Pharma Quick Step team used it for a recent team time trial.

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