Friday, April 9, 2010

The H8t Ran Deep

So this weekend was the H8tr 100, for those of you who don't know what the heck that is, it's an annual 100k ride/race on unpaved trails from Madison to Basco and back. Many a Wisconsinites and Chicago-ans showed up for some fine friendly competition. The energy was positive with just a tinge of unease of the flat gravel terrain ahead. To many, this was the first hard ride of the year. To others, it will set the pace for the many races to come.

Something about this race that just sparks something inside. Maybe it's the winter dormancy that made us forget how much it hurts to push our own limits. Maybe it's the Spring air that feels so good in our lungs. Maybe it's the beer at the finish line, whatever it is; no matter how much it hurt, you end up wanting more. Thanks to Djonn for setting it up and all the companies for the schweet schwag. It was great to see so many friends enjoy riding together!

Props to the Curtes bros, after a winter of injuries they still came out and slaughtered the course!

Pretty in Pink - Team Pegasus


Ya like my extra water bottle mount? Figures that I'm the only one with a porteur rack.

...and super posi music for yer Monday!

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