Friday, April 2, 2010

'Tis the Season

Oh man, it's getting busy here at the Ben's camp. Busy is good though, Spring creeped up real quick. We are currently working on expanding our rim selection. We'll be carrying a variety of Velocity 26" 36H Chukkers, 32H/36H Aeroheads in Silver and Black, Razors, and a set of 36H Synergy for you touring aficionados. So keep an eye out for them!

We did get Sun Ringle MTX 33 rims in! These are beefy. In 26" and 700c.

In another note...

Jim and I did Crystal Ridge this morning. 3 laps (minus alpha trails) in just under 2 hours. There's nothing like getting up before the sun is even out! We hammered through it all; I love all of those climbs. Call us crazy, but we just love to ride, but I guess that's why we're in this business. We just love being on the saddle. Give us a road, mountain, cruiser, track, or any bike. Guaranteed there will be smiles on our faces.

View from the highest point at Crystal Ridge

Weather seems a lot nicer than I predicted, so hope to see some of you out on the streets/trails. Have a great weekend!


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