Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Products

Wow, it's crazy busy over here. Amidst trying to keep items well in stock, we find some time to add more to our already sizable inventory. Here are some sweet new items available now...

All-City Double Nylon Toe Clips Medium

We finally got these great clips in medium; white, black, and green. Which would be great with...

VP Components Double Toe Straps

For you and your vegan friends, double your fun! Wait, these are not spearmint gum, yeah, don't try and chew them. In brown, cream, and white. Singles available as well. I think we're above 40 varieties of toe straps. 40 different toe straps!

SIDI Shoes

How many times can you say hotness? About 25 times; Dominator 5 and Genius 5 Pro Carbon in sizes 41-48 (some half sizes). Italian greatness caressing your feet with every pedal stroke. SIDI have been making durable and rebuildable shoes for many decades now. They are quite the investment but will treat you well for many years.

Nitto ADB-X

Nitto reissued these bars and they've been flying off the shelves! We have Black in 37 cm and Silver in 37 and 40cm. Unfortunately I don't know the history behind these bars but I do know they have seen many a velodromes in their day.
Nitto Pearl Stem 25.4 & 26.0 - Black
Nitto Dynamic S-65 Seatpost - Black

These classic Nitto products are now available in anodized black. The Black Dynamic S-65 comes in 27.2 x 250mm and Black Pearls in 80, 90, and 100 mm in both 25.4 and 26.0 clamps!

Odyssey Elementary V3 Stem

This is a great stem! I guess what else do you expect from Odyssey. One bolt tightens both bars and fork steerer, just make sure that thing is tight. In Black and Silver.

EAI / Promax Keirin Front Calipers

We've been patiently waiting for these to come in for some time now. EAI and Promax teamed up to update the original design. This new version not only comes with an additional shim to make the 24.0 brake lever to 22.2, they included attachments for both oval or round fork blades! These new caliper systems also have a lower price tag at $59.99 than their previous version.
Volume 4" Riser Bars - Raw

Same Volume 4" Bars that we've always carried, just now in a stripped raw version.

Swrve Men's Cotton Shorts

Unfortunately, it's 40 deg out and raining right now, but one day it'll be back to Spring bliss. For now, I'll just dream of basking in the sun in some shorts. So pick these shorts up and be prepared for the glories of those warm days! They are made with 2% Lycra to give a bit of stretch as you pedal. Many more nuances to these shorts found here!

We'll keep ya updated on new things coming, so keep an eye out!


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