Friday, July 23, 2010

Brake Pads

The rain last night was nuts! You could barely see the road. I saw a couple of people riding around, looked actually like a lot of fun. Speaking of riding around in crazy weather, an essential part to stopping, on top of having your brakes adjusted properly, is having great brake pads.

Kool Stop has been making quality pads/shoes for years and after all this time still made in the USA! Go America. Here are some new styles that we've gotten in. You can check some here or our full line here.

Kool Stop BMX Salmon Pads

Kool Stop DA/Ultegra Salmon Brake Pads

We also carry Swiss Stop pads. Even though they are geared more towards training and racing, they will work wonders for any bike that you have. They make compounds that work with alloy, carbon, and ceramic rims. Swoop them here.
Swiss Stop Pads for Campy Brakes/Carbon Rims
Swiss Stop Pads for Shimano Brakes/Alloy Rims

Pick any of these up and stop with confidence!


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