Friday, July 16, 2010

Polo Steeds

Wow, a slew of polo players came into Ben's yesterday and I'd have to say they brought some of the best put together bikes that I've seen in a very long time. I remember when players would ride the crappiest of crap parts since 'it was going to get ruined anyways.' Now that bike polo has a more serious contingency, riders are opting for the higher quality and beefier pieces and frames. I'm surprised I didn't get any drool on their bikes.

Custom Joust with couplers! Oh man, that's my kind of flavor. This thing also had Thomson and Chris king bits. There were a lot of Brooks saddles too!

Geekhouse polo bike and more couplers! With 26" wheels becoming more popular, so are mtn bike parts. Chris King hubs! Bzzzzz zzz zzzz zz.

Custom Bilenky frame. I met some awesome people from the Bilenky clan at NAHBS. They put a lot of heart into everything they make and I'm sure this frame is no exception.

Disc brakes and even more couplers!

Surly 1x1 - Polo! to infinity and beyond

Carl posted this article in our comments, it's a quick read. Polo is getting bigger but it's also getting (if it isn't already) really serious. I have found that polo players are completely dedicated to their sport. Traveling all over the world just to play a game or two. There's a lot of soul in this game and it shows not only in their bikes but also on and off the court. The comradery and respect is strong, so bravo to all of you for making it what it is today and for what it will be tomorrow. Hope to catch the action in Madison!


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