Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Wow, I wasn't expecting to stay at the tournament for too long since it was a grueling hot day but I had a blast! Needless to say that many people left with some spectacular tan lines. The event was ridiculously well put together. On top of all 68+/- teams playing and hanging out, there were many spectators ranging from families with kids to other cycling enthusiasts. It was good to see the city of Madison support such a great event. Thanks to the Hunters and all those who helped put this all together, apparently the whole weekend was flawless.

I ended up staying for a couple of hours and watched a few of games. I have to say I got sucked into it. The plays were faster and the crashers were harder. I've never seen polo played like this. Hundreds came out to play polo! All I know is that everyone had a great weekend, what a truly revolutionary event.

Also check this out, ESPN covered the event too!

Yeah I had hot coffee outside on a 90 deg and humid day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Game on

You know my Steedz (if you don't get it, don't worry about it)


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