Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be sure 'n tell 'em, LARGE MARGE sent ya!

Everyone knows that riding in the snow can be one of the most enjoyable activities. All bundled up, the crisp air searing your lungs; not to mention the blissful sound of the crunching powder beneath your tires.
If you are one of those snow goers, we have a few items that may be of interest. Surly's Pugley is sure to get you through the white fluff and we carry all the necessary goods to get one running for you; including the mothership herself...don't forget the beef.
We also have a good range of studded tires for your daily ride; but they are moving pretty fast. So if the ones you are looking for are out of stock, fear not, we'll have them back in stock shortly. You can always hit the "In-Stock Notification" button at the bottom of every product page and we'll shoot you an email when we get them back in.

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