Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too Hot to Handle

Oh Jeez, Dave's (Ellis Cycles) at it again with another ridiculously clean build. This one's his personal do-all Road/Rando. Here's his steed in all sorts of sexy poses...

Removable cable guides for a clean look when it's in single speed mode.

Internal cable routing

Now that's what I'm talking about. Stainless Velo Orange fenders with Nitto M-18 handlebar bag rack and modern Campy/Sram bits. He also claims using 10 spd Campy shifters work flawlessly with Sram derailleurs. I'll have to ask if there was any tweaking to get it to work.

My Banjo Rando
(btw Gilles Berthoud Saddles are amazing!)

So that means you're doing some 300k brevets with me in 2011? Oh it's going to happen.

As per usual, we're getting some more sweet product in so updates soon!



The Shed Master said...

once again Dave's shit is THE SHIT!

Campy 10 speed and Sram do indeed play well together.

Dave Wages said...

Yo Earl, I'll be there up to 299k, but after that you're on yer' own!

Also, we need to get you a longer front fender for that Banjo, what's up with it ending just under the rack!

Ben's Cycle said...

Will I have to drag yer behind through the finish line? We may have to leave your bike.

Yeah, those fenders are on my Trek 560, I'm getting Honjos for the Banjo!


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