Friday, November 26, 2010

Cold Snap

Well there you have it, winter has finally struck Milwaukee. Regardless if you are like me and likes the snow/cold or are weary of the low temps, it's time to bundle up. Here are some jackets that I think will help battle winter's grip...

Pretty excited about a new line of clothing that we just picked up; Endura has been at the clothing game for a couple of years now. I've owned a couple of their pieces and have to say they are some of my favorites. I can tell that through the years they have only improved on their line. Each jacket has unique details that are not found in others.

Endura Convert II

This is a great waterproof jacket with 360 deg of reflective stripes. The sleeves can be unzipped but not all the way so you don't lose them. Their is a convenient pocket in the back to slip them in.


Endura Luminite Jacket

This jacket is made to take on a lot of wind and water. There's also a small rear light on the back!


We have a pretty good selection of hoodies/jackets and jackets/vests from Gore, Craft, Endura, Swrve, Showers Pass, and Chrome, but what do you wear under? My suggestion is wool. Wool breathes very well and keeps the warmth in. Since it breathes so well, it drys a lot quicker and prevents odor better than cotton or synthetic. I've really liked the Endura BaaBaa baselayer for all riding conditions. It's great under your jersey as well as your commuter clothes.

Here's a thicker zip-up from Swrve. It's great under a windproof jacket but works and looks great as an outer layer! It also has two pockets in the back like a cycling jersey.


With Kevin Sparrow, one of the many hardworking couriers in Milwaukee, giving inspiration to this jacket, you know the Milwaukee ES was made with year-round riders in mind. This newly redesigned jacket is light, keeps you toasty, and has all the bells in whistles to keep you comfortable as you bomb the streets.

Showers Pass Hybrid Jacket

Here's another great company with great products, Showers Pass not only makes clothes functional, they make them with style. Originating from the very rainy Portland, this company knows a thing or two about keeping you dry and looking good.

Now that's a lot to choose from. If you're local and in the market for some new threads, roll on down and try some on. If you don't in these neck of the woods, give us a call, we'll be happy to answer your questions!


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