Thursday, February 17, 2011

NAHBS 2011

So Jim and I are planning to hit up NAHBS again this year. I figured it'll be a nice break from the snow/cold and hit up some trails in Little Rock, AR and Austin, TX on the way in. It'll be nice to ride on dirt and not on packed snow for once. Getting pretty excited for the trip and in the spirit of it all, here's a tasteful video of our buddy/local frame builder Dave Wages of Ellis Cycles doing what he does best...

Ellis Cycles from Chris Harris on Vimeo.

Chris did a great job on the video! He is also the proud owner of many a great hand built bikes including (one of my all-time favorite builds) an Ahearne MTB Fixed Gear.
He claims fixed mountain biking is pretty fun, I guess it's something for me to try out this Spring.

And another goodie of his, an Ellis 29er------
There's a lot of great exhibitors this year including Burro Bags, Paul Components, Ira Ryan, and Geekhouse just to name a few. Well, hope to catch some of you all at the show. 74 Deg in Austin right now...yup, I can handle that.


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AteMrYeats said...


Nice to meet you and the rest at Ben's. See you at NAHBS.

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