Friday, February 18, 2011

Shiny New Things

Got some sharp looking components in this week. From the slick finish of Zipp Service Course SL pieces to the iridescent Ritchey Classic series; we'll definitely have a thing or two that will sweeten up your ride.Stems Top to Bottom: Nitto UIEX 31.8 Stems, Easton EA90, Ritchey Matrix Carbon/Alloy, Ritchey Classic, and Zipp Service Course SL.
Seatposts Left to Right: Easton EA70 Zero, Zipp Service Course SL, Nitto S67 31.6, and Ritchey Classic. (Sorry about the blurry photos, I will have a new camera soon)

Speaking of upgrades, I found this little gem on Velo Cult's site. This is a Raleigh Competition retrofitted with a Sturmey S3X three-speed fixed hub. On top of being in impeccable shape, it's set up with great parts. I am personally a fan of drop bars with this type of flare (see Kalloy track bars, Gary Bars, Nitto RM-014). They're comfortable and take a bit less effort to engage your brakes. They're great for touring/commuting and soon I'll try them off-road.
Anyways, it's a fantastic build and it reminds me that I need to take some shop shots of the rides that roll through our doors. From Rivendel, Cinelli, Merckx, and many others, I'll try to document most if not all of them.

Alright, the day is almost done and the weekend is upon us. Have a good one!


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