Monday, February 21, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Help us decide what other popular mallet head lengths we could offer. Please take the time and give us your 2 cents!


Anonymous said...


urbanbicyclist said...

Here's my 2 shillings.

Q. What do Myanmar, Albania and the US have in common?

Here's a chart for everyone else.

4" = 10.6cm
4.25" = 10.8cm
4.5" = 11.4cm
4.75" = 12.0cm
5" = 12.7cm
5.25" = 13.3cm
5.5" = 14.0cm
5.75" = 14.6cm
6" = 15.2cm
6.25" = 15.9cm
6.5" = 16.5cm
6.75" = 17.1cm
7" = 17.8cm

(I get that the US is not a metric country but if you can list both it might help your international sales :)

urbanbicyclist said...

Liberia, not Albania.


At least I didnt say Lybia.

Ben's Cycle said...

Thanks Urbanbicyclist.
I thought of that after the fact. I wish I could edit the poll; but they don't allow editing after there has been a vote.

Ben's Cycle said...

Just machined 3 pieces of left over 4.5" (114mm) UHMW and added to the polo section. Get them while they last.

Ben's Cycle said...

we'll do some 5" (127mm) sections this weekend.

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