Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Love My Bike, Do You Love Yours?

In lieu of finding a "Love Your Bike" flyer, here's a picture of my commuter. Even though I own a car, I still ride about 90% of the year. Now, I'm not asking for an award nor do I covet some braving-it medal nor do I even deserve a bro-down high five. However, I would love to meet more who ride for the sheer enjoyment of riding. This Thursday, our local Bike Federation is hosting a "Love Your Bike" event, more info here. A couple of us lowly bike geeks are going to be in attendance with bikes in hand (or in foot...I don't know), it would be great to see some of you there!

On the topic of commuters...I've been riding a 3 speed for a couple of years now. I even rode one as a messenger. Now, having the option of a super low gear was quite essential on those super nasty snowy days, like the one that is happening outside my window! To top it off, no drlrs to clean or even jam up. We have just stocked the new version of the Sturmey Archer AW. So if you're thinking of a new build in the future, hope you consider the 3 speed route. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it may just be yours.

In other news, we have a large shipment of Demoltion/Volume stuff coming in. So keep an eye out for those items!

PS Custom front rack from my friend Rack Lady. She used to build racks for Velo Orange. FYI.

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