Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love these.

Today I get to work and there in my "inbox" is this link to Tom Haney's website. Tom is a Atlanta artist who makes these kinetic boxes that are unbelievable. The detail and mechanisms sucked me right in. The one pictured above called "Tinguel's Dream" is one of my favorites.

Most of us aren't near old enough to remember these boxes that used to be in train stations and amusement parks around the country. Drop in a coin and you get a 15-30 second animated display of scenes of fright, dancing bears or just about anything in between. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to visit The House on the Rock knows that they have a pretty decent collection of the original train station boxes. If you are ever near Madison, WI; you have to stop by and see them.

Until then I think Tom's website is worth a look.


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