Thursday, February 18, 2010

Techno-Knowlogy Pt. 1

So I like cool new things. I use my Blackberry for everything and I have an Ipod Shuffle that looks like a Jolly Rancher. However, when it comes to bikes, I like the older stuff. Maybe it's because downtube shifters and old centerpull Dia-Compe brakes are a dime-a-dozen at bike swaps. I think it's just because they are just so damn simple. Shifters shift, brakes stop my bike. Done. Now, I'm no Grant Peterson of Rivendel, even though I wholeheardedly stick to a lot of his beliefs (not all of them though) nor am I someone who scouffs at Carbon junkies. However, like my adoration for my microscopic handheld devices, there are just some thing in the bike industry that is just so friggin sweet. For instance Geax's new TNT tires.

Photo by Geax

Now, tubeless tires is no new technology (it's what they use on yer car if ya didn't know that) in general but it's new to the bike world. The TNT tire combines the reinforced layers of your traditional tube-tire combo but with the "talon" and tubeless capability of a UST tire. Basically, with the thicker walls and a new compound, you need less sealant and get a lighter tire. Check them out here. I haven't switched to tubeless yet because I'm working on being a better mountain biker before I get new gear, but it's just great to see things evolve. Plus I need a paint job first, I love my couplered Trek 96er Franken-bike.

For you kids who love stiff, uber light sick carbon things. Boom...

Full Sram XX, only for $6100. Come by the shop and check it out! This bike gives me goosebumps.

Photo by Bike Rumor

In other news, according to Bike Rumor. Sram will be introducing another groupo called Apex. This will rival (ha!) Shimano's 105 line. Like all bike products, this groupo will have trickle down technology from their Rival groupo (that's where the 'ha' came from, I don't care if you're not laughing). What I really like about this is that it's a great response to aftermarket products like our very popluar Tektro R556 brakes. Long reach calipers, wide range gears, compact cranks at (hopefully) a pretty decent pricepoint. This will probably come stock with new bikes, but it is also a great alternative to revamping an old 27" frame than piecing out all the parts. Bravo Sram.


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