Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ben's and Milwaukee Bicycle Company Offer Cross Clinics

Cyclocross is the fastest growing type of racing in the U.S.

And it's the most fun you can have on two wheels. 

Cross racing is typically held in parks, where cyclists ride over grass, through sand, around obstacles, pick up the bike and run up hills and over barriers. It's generally an obstacle course on bikes. 


The Milwaukee Bicycle Company Racing Team, supported by Ben's Cycle and Milwaukee Bicycle Company, is hosting a series of cyclocross clinics in August to teach beginners the basics of cross.

These clinics, held on three consecutive Mondays, focus on the skills you'll need to try out cross for the first time.

Races last 30 minutes for beginners so while the ride is a challenge, it doesn't require huge training or a huge commitment of time. 

At the very least, learning to race cyclocross helps you develop cornering and riding skills, while also learning how to handle your bike on different surfaces.


The experienced riders of Milwaukee Bicycle Company Racing Team, which races cross, mountain bike, and road events throughout the Midwest, is hosting the clinics. The team, which promotes the Milwaukee Bicycle Company bikes including the Mettle, the cyclocross race bike, is also promoting the Cross-Shooshko Cyclocross Race Oct. 4.

Here is the Wisconsin Cycling Association schedule of races. Here is the Chicago Cross Cup schedule.

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