Friday, July 11, 2014

Ben's is Big Stop for Bike Tourists From Michigan

Five cyclists on a bike tour from Michigan stopped by Ben's Thursday to look at the shop and look over the new Fugitive gravel/touring bike.

The five, all from Grand Rapids, Michigan, woke early Thursday to ride the 45 miles to Muskegon to catch the ferry to Milwaukee. They made their way to Ben's to see the shop because they had used our online services in the past. 

They rode to Racine last night to camp at Sanders Park. Today, they'll make their way to Chicago so they can attend the Tour de Fat Saturday. On Sunday, they'll make the long trek to Warren Dunes, and on Monday, they'll ride home. 

The trip began as a research effort, explains Jay Niewiek. He runs Spokefolks in Grand Rapids and puts on a fund-raiser modeled after the Tour de Fat. 

"We wanted to see it in real life," he said. 

Two members of the group, Todd Masker and Brooks Twist, work for Brewery Vivant, which brews Belgian-style beer similar to the New Belgium Brewery style. 

The rest of the group is made up for Kent Sinclair, a student at Grand Valley State University, and the "elder" and chaperone of the group, Tim Gunnett, who at 50, is riding the whole tour on a single speed. Gunnett said the Fugitive was exactly what he was looking for in a touring bike.

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Anonymous said...

What bike is Tim Gunnett riding in the photo above. I've been looking for a versatile single-speed cross bike for awhile.

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