Friday, July 25, 2014

Craziest, Most Fun 24 Hours of Riding a Bike Ever

It is most likely the craziest, most fun 24 hours of continuous bike riding in the world. 

When the first group of riders take off on Pierce Street in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee tonight at 7, they embark on 24 hours of crazy checkpoints, little sleep, and general huge amounts of fun known as the Riverwest 24 bike race.

Bicycling Magazine called it the "Best Day of the Year."

Ben's employees have raced - and won - the RW24 in the past, and we're supporting the event with prizes for the winning teams. 

Even if you're not riding, the RW24 is amazing to watch. The neighborhood is electric with energy, businesses stay open late or even all night, and the neighbors cheer on the riders. 

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