Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is Why Customers Keep Coming Back...

What makes Ben's Cycle the place to turn to for any cycling question is our staff's vast knowledge and experience in all things cycling-related.

For example, our internet guy Matt just spent 45 minutes on the phone with a customer from Vermont who had bought the wrong bottom bracket from another shop.

Without the aid of a picture of the bike or bottom bracket in question, Matt got out his ruler, a pad of paper and pen, and clicked open our parts catalog. 

He found the customer the right bottom bracket, and he set up the order to ship it the same day. 

That's what we do at Ben's. 

We are a staff of highly experienced cyclists. We ride mountain bikes locally and across the country, we take long tours on bikes, we race the road, cyclocross, mountain bike, track, and gravel, we commute every day into the shop. 

We've broken every part on our bikes and fixed or replaced them to ride again. 

We ride what we sell. We know our products. 

That's why when a customer comes to Ben's once, either in the shop or online, they keep coming back. Customers have come back to Ben's Cycle since we opened in 1928.

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