Friday, August 8, 2014

Which MBC Bike Would We Take to This?

Deep inside, most of us at Ben's Cycle look at a race like The Hilly Billy and cringe.

Others start to grin.

It's 70 miles of gravel, dirt, mud, and some pavement outside of Morgantown, West Virginia. Watch this video from In The Crosshairs.

Here's the description: 
"This course will take you over dirt and paved "State Roads" around Monongalia County in Northern West Virginia. Finish times could be 6 plus hours for some riders. Road conditions may include missing bridges, car-sized potholes, gravel, mud, black top, cow paths,and maybe a piece of road kill or two.That's what we call good riding! Leave your expensive Flux-Capacitors and fancy wheels at home and maybe bring the cross bike. It might be the best tool for the job, but bring whatever you think is best for you. However,if you show up with Zipps on your road bike we may laugh and point at you. This race course has just about everything a cyclist says they want when they're talking it up with their buddies.Now let us see ya ride it! Course will have fully stocked aid stations along the way. "

So we're looking at our schedules and wondering about our sanity.
The race would clearly be a test of bike, rider, and will power. Looks like a boatload of fun.

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