Friday, August 8, 2014

CX Tape: Belgian Tape for Cross Tubulars

The only time our Milwaukee Bicycle Company racer Paul has ever had a broken bone in a cyclocross race (collar bone) was because of a rolled tubular tire.
While tubulars are by far your best option for racing cross, gluing the tires can be a challenge to get just right so that the tire doesn't roll off the rim at the wrong moment.

Ben's is running a special on tubular gluing right now to help you get ready for the cross season. Gluing tubulars is messy and best left to professionals to make sure the tire stays on the rim.

The key product in the gluing process is CX Tape, a double-sided tape that is wrapped around the rim to ensure the tire never rolls off. 

We have a love/hate relationship with CX Tape: if we ever need to change tires, the tape is a beast to remove. But that's the exact reason it works so well. In two years of racing wheels glued with CX Tape, we've never rolled a tire. The stuff works. 

Ben's stocks CX Tape in two-tire rolls for $7.99, available in the store or online.  

It's the closest thing to a guarantee that your tubulars will never roll off the rim when you're flying around a corner. 

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