Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Specialized CruX Cyclocross Bikes in Stock at Ben's Cycle

Ben's Cycle just received its first shipment of the 2014-15 edition of the Specialized CruX cyclocross bikes, and they look amazing. We did get one 49cm Ui2-equipped carbon, a size that can be a challenge to find!

We took some out for a test ride. We raced the carbon CruX and the aluminum CruX E5 in all sorts of conditions last year. The bikes had a tight, responsive geometry. What we liked best about the geometry of the CruX was how balanced it was: We felt like we were centered properly on the bike, neither too far forward or too far back. Plus the stiffness in the bottom bracket and the front end meant our power use was very efficient.

This year's models are the same frames with different paint schemes for both the carbon and aluminum models.

Specialized took its time to develop a cross-specific bike, and with input from multiple national champion Todd Wells and the California Giant Strawberry pro team, created a race-specific geometry that flows through corners and nimbly jumps out of them. 

Bicycling Magazine did a review of the CruX Expert, which you can test ride at Ben's. 


Here is an excerpt from a review of the top-level CruX from cyclingnews.com:
"...the CruX is a match made in heaven for efficiency-minded riders who tend to rely on explosive bursts of speed in a race. It's an absolute rocket ship under power, with an ultra-stout backbone that doesn't yield even a little when you're mashing on the pedals."

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