Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Here's a collection of bikes from some Ben's Cycle employees. These are work horses that take the daily grind through scorching summers and even the nastiest winters, but end all be all they take us from point A to point B...

My Trek 560

Originally an Olympic bike in the early 1980's (can't seem to pinpoint the exact year), it's been everything from a fully geared touring bike, three speed, fixed, and now it's my single-speed commuter/trainer. The front rack (as mentioned many-a-posts ago) was built by my friend Leah in Madison. Now, instead of riding with a backpack or riding home to drop it off, I just strap it on to the top part and do my training rides after work. The fork is even big enough for a 35c studded tire. A lot of time and work has gone into this thing and it is probably my favorite ride. Made in Wisconsin!

Gatorskin 700x25, Deda Bars, Nitto Technomic stem, Old Sugino Mighty Crank, Campy Veloce Brakes, Planet Bike Cascadia Fenders, PDW Radbot 500, Formula rear hub, Velocity Razor rim, American Classic Seatpost.

My beloved B17 Honey Special. All laced up and feels amazing on long rides! 4 years old and still doing it's thing.

Jim's Lemond Fillmore

This is the last production run of Fillmores that used True Temper OX Platinum tubing before they went with lower end cromo. This is a very light and stiff frame. It is painted, or should I say coated, the same way guns are treated. It's a very thin paint and ridiculously scratch resistant (not 'scratch proof,' but it'll take a lil bit more to put a mark on this thing). It's done here in Wisconsin by a company called KG Coatings. They also coat the inside as well, thus limiting possible rust that may occur. You can get this option with any color on any of our frames! Jim rides this through most of the year. He's a strong rider (one of the fastest I know) and does a crap ton of miles on it. Just try and keep up with him.

MBC Hubs, Vintage Araya Aero Rims (he drilled the rear one himself!), Campy front brake, Paul cross lever, Deda Crono Nero Low Bullhorns, SLR saddle, Vintage Campy Crank, Sugino 75 Chainring, Planet Bike Hardcore Fenders, Panaracer Ribmo 700x25c Tires, Wipperman 1G8 Chain

He also customizes his saddles with some sort of leather/hide. The hair is worn off on this one, but he makes some sweet customizations (check out his TT protector).

Eric's Bruiser

This thing turned out super sweet! I rode it around and it is one smooth ride. I know this guy rides a lot and he deserves a great bike, and a bruiser is just that. It's quite beastly with the B43s but it just looks so darned good! Even the fender lines are slick. Bravo Eric. Check out the lacing on the hubs.

B.17 Black Saddle, Black B43 32h, MBC Hubs, Ribmo Tires, Andel Black Cranks, B123 Bars, Planet Bike Hardcore fenders, Selcof Seatpost, Toshi Bar Wrap.

Bar end lights!

New B17, still stiff but it'll break in.

More to come...



I N f a said...

what type of stem is that on Eric's Bruiser

infa madeOFF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben's Cycle said...

Unfortunately, he doesn't know what kind it is. He got it at a bike swap.

Anonymous said...

The Brooks Honey coloured saddle looks great, do yo use any proofide/dubbin at all?

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