Monday, March 22, 2010

Innovations - Fixed or Not

Fixed/Free ambiguity

Another one from Taiwan! Again, you don't have to be into the whole fix-free with the turn of a knob, but it's just great to see things being tried out. Just like how all these great BMX companies are coming out with stuff for big wheels.

In related news...
Sram Torpedo
Fixed or freewheel with the turn of a screw

...and the greatly anticipated...

Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Fixed Hub!

Now whether or not this is strong hub, I cannot tell you. I really want to try it just so I can try and break it! I've broken old Sturmey 3-speeds, but with that price tag, this thing better be bullet proof.

Mr. Chris Igleheart was one of the test guinea pigs for this hub. He even told me at NAHBS that he broke a version of it! However, with the new improvements, he swears by it. Rides it on his daily Rando/Commuter, it also endured the Oregon Manifest 77 mile race. Only time will tell. I also discovered this sweet little feature (here's an excerpt from our listing)...

Another special feature about this hub is that you can run either a single freehub cog, like one that Surly makes, and run it fixed or through on a freewheel, like a Shimano, and have the ability to coast! I think you can even put both on and be able to coast or be fixed with the move of the chain. You may have to work with the chainline, but regardless it should work.

Man, the more and more I think about this thing, the more I want it. Sucks I have to pay for rent first. Ha!


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