Monday, March 15, 2010

City Lights

Funny how much an hour makes. After a weekend of being off the saddle, I was excited to enjoy an hour's worth of sunshine after a full day's work. For some reason, today was the day. The day I start to ride harder. Today I start training for the H8tr 100; a glorious race of 60ish miles on gravel road through the country side of Madison. Albeit a race, it is a wholesome event to meet up with friends and partake in some healthy competition. A great way to start the season of riding. Last year's race put me in a level of pain I sure do not want to endure again.

This year's going to be different, I've collected quite the miles through Old Man Winter. The 50 miles last week on the Banjo fixed rando/porteur has left me aching for more. 45 deg today, in a hoodie and my Levi's, I set to do a quick 20. In that span, I regressed to moments on long mountain rides. Huffing and puffing up steep Wisconsin terrain, thinking what can I do different this year? I suddenly feel the need to tackle a ride out to Holy Hill, a grueling, hilly 80 miles. I even contemplate mashing the H8tr fixed with cross tires. I feel ready to endure the WEMS series; I believe my teammates in Haymaker are ready too. Then I feel the air get cooler, the sun is almost down. I spin up the bike path to Oakland Ave and a top, the city lights snap me out of my trance and I'm back to reality. A smile creeps up on me; I'm excited for the season to come, the long painful rides, the beers, the cheers, and the good times. So come ride with us and have some fun.


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Anonymous said...

sounds absolutely wonderful. thanks for posting.

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