Friday, March 5, 2010

Post-Fixed Gear Beer Party

Had to say, I was expecting to see only a handful of surly fixed-gear riders chugging this sweet new ale at last night's Lake Front Brewery Event. Instead, The Gig was packed. Oh not that 'wow there's a couple of cyclists here,' the bar was filled to the brim. So many people came out to support the new brew, Red Ale that is. Even got compliments on the green track bike we built for the event. So much so, I think we made a sale or two out of it! So many great people out, so many introductions made. Funny how close beer and bikes come together. What a beautiful marriage. It made me happy. How happy? This happy...

Much thanks to Colin and the Lakefront Brewery crew as well as the Gig and others I'm missing out. Great event. This is a mid-event-bike-ride pic I took. Gorgeous night.


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