Friday, March 12, 2010

Things We Like - Panaracer Ribmo

We have all sorts of riders here with all sorts of bike set ups. However, the one item we all praise is the Panaracer RibMo. From commuting, skidding, touring, to tricks (hope they make a bigger tire soon for this); this is one tough tire. A little on the heavier side, a 700x25 Ribmo weighs in at 330g while a Continental Ultra Gatorskin Folding rolls in at 250g, it makes up for how puncture resistant it is.

Now, there is no such tire that is impermeable to flats, but with this tire, you get not only a reinforced center tread (you can tell by the pic how it's thicker in the center) but this is one of the few tires that I know of that has sidewall protection. For me, I like this tire because my 700x28c can run up to 110psi and that it just grips the road. Try them out for yourself! Some sizes in wire, but all in Kevlar/folding bead.

And for our shop pups...
Photo by Dog-Milk via Swiss Miss

Unfortunately Emma and Hannah are ladies, but whatever. In today's age, a moustache is ironic anyways.


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Josh said...

Been running these on my city bike in Philly for a year or so and only flatted once I believe. Definitely a solid and durable tire.

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