Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Downer Avenue Trike Race Mystery Clue #3

On Saturday, June 28, Ben's is hosting the Super Prime part at the Downer Avenue Criterium, part of the Tour of America's Dairyland. 

The Super Prime party funds the men's and women's pro race primes that total several thousand dollars. A prime is awarded to one rider who wins one particular lap of the criterium. 

The party runs from noon-ish to nine-ish in the evening. You buy a wristband from us for $25 and get all the food and drink you need plus an awesome t-shirt. 

The pro women's race starts at 5, and the pro men start at 7. 

In between is the (in)famous tricycle race between area bicycle shop owners. Our owner, Vince Hanoski, was able to ride away from the field last year. But this year, Vince has invited a special guest celebrity to ride. And this celebrity is likely to crush Vince in the race!

We are awarding one wristband to the first person who correctly identifies the mystery guest on our Facebook page. Those of you who work for the shop or whom Vince has already told are NOT eligible, you goofballs.

Clue #1 What is Vince's favorite sport? 
Clue #2 Aye, Aye Captain.
Clue #3 The mystery celebrity gets a little defensive.

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