Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Introducing the Mettle Cyclocross Bike... Start Drooling

We introduce to you the Mettle. 

The 2014 Milwaukee Bicycle Company Mettle. A true cyclocross race bike.

The USA made Mettle frame features a full OX Platinum tubeset as our original cross frame; but has a larger diameter top and down tubes for increased stiffness. Add a new tapered head tube for the stiffest, strongest carbon forks, and you have a bike that rides like steel with near stiffness of aluminum. 

We re-designed the Mettle to have a tapered head tube.

The Mettle features a thin stainless
 steel plate to protect the frame from the rotor during wheel changes. 
Disc-brake tab drop-out
Information updates HERE
Be Different. Ride a Milwaukee. 


Anonymous said...

I'm from WI and was about to buy this instantly, but then I saw that the two-tone frame option is $300.

I'm not saying that isn't a good value, but a 35% upcharge is too much for me to pay. The polished headbadge is also $125. That makes the frame, as shown with fork, $1625. Looks great, but too much for me.

Also, for CX racing, a flattening the bottom of the top-tube would have been nice!

Paul Warloski said...
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Ben's Cycle said...

Thanks for the comment! We worked carefully through the price of the paint. We kept the price of the basic paint less than our cost, and the panel cost is also nearly our cost. So you can get a solid color of whatever you want for the price of the frame.
The headbadge you mention is part of the frame price.
Finally, we talked a lot about the top tube shape. We raced last season with the round shape and thought it worked well. In fact, some of our team race with other bikes with flattened top tubes, and they found the edge of the tube dug more into their shoulder.
Regardless, we still love this bike. The team can't wait to get on it for cross season. Thanks!

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