Monday, June 23, 2014

Famous Celebrity to Crush Vince in Trike Race!

Caricature of Vince racing the trike at Downer
Last year our owner Vince Hanoski crushed everyone at the Downer Classic Trike race, then "allowed" someone else to win. 

This year, we made sure to invite a famous celebrity who will likely turn the tables on Vince. 

We won't reveal the celebrity's name, but will give you clues all week. The first person to correctly identify the celebrity on our Facebook page will win a free wristband to the party! 

The trike races begins around 6:30 at the ISCorp Downer Classic. The women's race begins at 5, and the men's race begins at 7. Ben's Super Prime party starts around noon and goes until around nine p.m. Wristbands are for sale at the party for $25, which includes a t-shirt and all you can eat and drink. 

Monday's clue: What is Vince's favorite sport? 

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