Monday, June 2, 2014

Teresa Craze is Tackling the Pewaukee Triathlon With the Help of Ben's Cycles

Teresa Craze, 25, is determined to complete her first triathlon in July. 

Teresa hasn't been riding much in the last 10 years, although she's been doing spin classes once a week. So Ben's helped her find a Specialized Dolce for the triathlon. 

"The crew at Ben's Cycle really hooked me up," she said. "Paul and Mike gave me a great cycling 101 course when I went in to pick up the Specialized Dolce I'm renting. I can't stress enough how much of a beginner I am. They had to teach me very basics, such as how to shift up and down, and how to remove and re-attach the wheel to get the bike to fit in my car."
She describes herself as "super non-athlete" and has never really done much in the way of sports. But when her company PKWARE offered to pay for a triathlon and created a work group to train, she decided to make it her personal challenge. 

She will compete in the Pewaukee Tri, a sprint distance event, on July 13. She'll swim a quarter mile, ride 17 miles, and finish with a 5k run. 

For Teresa, the goal is all about getting active, enjoying Milwaukee's trails, learning to ride a road bike, and participating in a really cool athletic event.

"I think it will be a good way to find my sport,: she said. "I always thought cycling looked like something I could get into. Training for a triathlon on a really nice road bike would give me the discipline to figure out if it is a sport I want to invest in."

She moved to Milwaukee nearly two years ago and noticed the trails and parks along Milwaukee's lakefront. 

"I felt it was such a waste for me not to go out and be active on them. I ran a couple 5ks last summer for the first time ever, which was kind of a big deal for me." 

She now participates in summer kickball and volleyball rec leagues in Milwaukee just to have fun.

Teresa is following a sprint triathlon training plan, but she's realistic about her results.

"This race is with myself," she said. "I'm going to do the best I can on the day of the triathlon. I don't quite know what that is yet. I'll be happy with myself for finishing."

Teresa will be updating us on a regular basis on her training progress. We'll also try to get photos of her at the triathlon and report on her success! 

We're excited to be a part of Teresa's efforts and determination to make cycling and fitness a part of her life. 

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