Friday, June 25, 2010


Sucks being sick in the summertime. It's been awhile since I've been on the bike. Well, boo hoo for me but some great new things for you! Here are some freshly added items in our inventory...
Euro-Asia 40 Hole Hubset

Perfect for a polo wheelset, check out the listing, we have some great rims to match them up!

Nitto RB-002 In Black and Silver

This bar combines a lot of Nitto styles into one. They remind me of a pair of Syntace bullhorns I had awhile back in the day.

Kalloy Alloy Track Bars In Black and Silver

These are awesome! Very reminiscent of Major Taylor bars. They are light, shallow, and won't break the bank. Since we're on the subject, check out this video. Thanks Kyle!

Panaracer Ribmo 700x23c White

The great Ribmo is now available in White! Only 23c for the time being.

Gilles Berthoud Soulour Black

New styles from the company that's known for their handlebar bags. I'll be reviewing one of these saddles in the next couple of weeks; I'll let you know how it rides. I've said it before...these are some hot saddles.

Primo Aneyerlator White

We've had these for a bit of time now but I just love the lines! I just had to take a closeup shot.

Be sure to check out our New Products page from time to time. A lot more new items to peruse!


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