Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lab Coats

Speaking of Milwaukee Execs (check out last post), here at Ben's Cycle we hire top scientists that work round the clock to create the best products out there. Here's a highly top secret photo of our lab.

photo via repartopista

Well, ok, not really, but maybe I'll wear a lab coat to work one day to feel special. So we may not have Bunsen burners around the shop but here's what's been cooking in our inventory...
MKE Polo Kit

On top of our Polo shafts and mallets, we now offer a high density ball from Franklin.

Franklin Street Hockey Gloves - 10"

So we haven't tested punching each other with these yet but Matt highly recommends them for Polo. Some reviews of this glove as well as more product in the near future. Size 11" available as well. Check out our new section on all-things Bike Polo!


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