Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy Days

Ok, this rain is relentless! What started as a ride-to-trails then slay single-track and back home this morning turned into a road ride with our fendered steeds. We ended up discovering some trails around the Cuduhay side of the Oak Leaf Trail and decided to do a bit of off-roading on our 23c slicks (shown in the sloppy 'action shot' above).

Photo by Showers Pass

On the way back, the rain got a little heavier. At that moment, like so many moments in my riding life, I regretted not purchasing proper rain/weather gear! There is a lot of active wear companies out there and you can get a headache just filtering through them. Amidst all of them, we just picked up a relatively new line out of Portland named Showers Pass. Their products seem like a great fit to our sometimes heinous Wisconsin weather. There will be more to come but for now, check out some pieces that we are currently carrying.

Men's Elite Pro 2.0

Oh I wished I had this jacket this morning! If you are like me and ride year round, it is a smart investment to get some good durable clothing for the elements (I should probably take my own advice). A little rain or snow shouldn't keep us from our saddles!


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