Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Yeah, when I'm home I spend a bit of time gawking at people's builds. I know you do too so don't judge me! Oh Flickr, how you've changed my life. Each bike shows character and a reflection of the rider. Christina's bike is unique in it's own right. Don't think you'll see a build like this anytime soon. Here's Christina's profile and bike check from our friends down at Bmorefixed.

Bike Check:Frame: Milwaukee Bruiser xs
Fork: Milwaukee Bruiser fork
Headset: Mixture of Cane Creek and FSA headset parts
Stem: Atomlab
Bars: Blkmrkt
Grips: Animal Hamilton
Schwable Marathon slicks 1.75
Rims: Velocity Chukkers 26’s
Hubs: Formulas
Cranks: Sugino Messengers but getting some Profiles soon!
Sprocket: 44t Sugino Messenger RD
Pedals: Animals Hamilton’s pc
Straps: Holdfast!
Seatpost: Kalloy
Saddle: Odyssey

Hey Christina, let's get the basics out of the way: Where are you from and what are you doing in Baltimore? Originally I’m from New Hampshire but I’m finishing school in Baltimore

When did you first get into FGT?
Summer of 2009 when I was challenged to bar spin at the shop I worked at in Charlotte NC.

How has your riding style changed since then?
I started with fixed specific tricks and have progressed since then to tricks that you can do on all sorts of bikes.

What has influenced your style and how are you looking to progress?
Bootleg sessions was a big inspiration, I’d like to do more combos and stairs

Where would you like to ride that you haven't before?
Greece, Japan, and Switzerland

Any shout outs/thanks?
Shout outs to the Bmore crew, Philly Crew and everyone else who supports!
Thanks to Hold Fast, Profile, and Milwaukee bikes!

Christina BmoreFixed Edit from Keith Teket on Vimeo.

Pretty sweet Christina! Thanks for the shout out. Your lines are looking great. Looks like the Bmore Fixed crew is having a good summer!


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