Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kind Words

I received this email a few minutes ago from The Mark$ter that made my day...

"Man oh man.

I did 100 gravel and singletrack fixed miles on that Bruiser last weekend up in VILAS county on the U.P. border. Unreal. So so fun. No smoke up your hoo-hoo Drew, but that's the best bike I've had for what I love to do on a bike EVER. Who'd have thought something so simple was what I was looking for all along. I have two customs and neither leave me feeling as comfortable as Ol' Purple. I can do whatever I want on that thing - ride trails and keep up with the cross bikes on pavement. Perfect, seriously.

I'll post pictures from the trip on Bike Jerks in the next couple of days.

Say hello to Earl and Matt and Kremin when you get the chance.

Hope to see you sooner than later.

Mark "

John, I hope you're as proud as I am. Thanks a ton Mark.

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