Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunny Monday

Well well, welcome back to the work week. Hope you all had a great weekend, I spent most of it trying to plan epic rides having them end up with torrential downpour. Yesterday's road ride attempt failed miserably; got rained on and I couldn't stomach riding around in wet socks and a soaked chamois. Ugh, however, members of team Haymaker and I tore it up at the Camrock trails on Saturday. It rained on us too but it ended up being really fun. The single-track flowed like streams; 80 deg and just a wall of rain, it was quite peaceful. Then we hung out at my old shop Revolution Cycles in Madison for a bit, always a good time. Anyways, back to the grind. Here's what we have new on our shelves...
Endzine Velo leather Tape - Black or Honey Brown

Another leather bar tape option other than Brooks without the Brooks price tag.

Monkey Lite Shiney 15mm Kryptonite U-lock Socket

A great accessory to have around if you don't like carrying a 15mm wrench with you. Unobtrusive and ready for use! Also, that's my Kryptonite Mini U-lock pictured, I've had that thing for 5 years now. Locks up without a problem and still super strong!

Continental Gatorskin Hardshell Wire Bead in 700x23c, 25c, and 28c

More tire options! Continental went on to create an "urban" version of their very popular Ultra Gatorskin series. It's the same classic tire with a bit of more rubber added for flat protection. I'm currently riding the Ultra Sport Hardshell (series lower than the Gatorskin) version on my single speed and I'd have to say that I don't feel the extra rubber. No feeling of sluggishness or loss in tire pressure through the week. Another great tire for hitting your city streets on!


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