Friday, June 18, 2010

Light Up

(Sorry so blurry)

So a couple of us did a bit of mountain night riding at the John Muir trails on Wednesday night. I've only done one night ride before and have to say that it's both thrilling and terrifying going full blast downhill not exactly knowing the terrain ahead. A couple of us took some nasty diggers, nothing serious but a lot of 'oh crap' moments. It made me think how important having quality lights are not only for off-road night riding but also on the street. Always good to be seen than not.

New Knog Boomer

So speaking of quality lights...we just received a new shipment of Knog Boomers! It seems that Knog has redefined their light line with new designs. Around mid-end of July we will have their new Frog Strobe so keep an eye out for that.

I'll post some more new items we have in stock, so keep watch!


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